Allware se expande y anuncia a APIGEE como nuevo partner en la gestión de API para Chile y Perú.

ALLWare, a company with more than 20 years in the Chilean market, providing innovative, agile and quality solutions in the segments of telecommunications, logistics, banking, health, mining, energy, industrial, and scientific in the fields of robotization, energy, Industry 4.0 ( process automation, cloud, analytics, IoT, 24×7 observability), is making the transformation of its clients a reality.

ALLWare has announced Apigee as part of the solution portfolio to help its customer base expand digital capabilities, such as:

Business value of digital assets through API monetization. Enabling API providers to reach beyond current business models, scale API programs, and open new opportunities with customers, developers, and partners.

Co-creation of digital offers with customers, developers and partners: Building a platform for third-party developers – Lets third-party vendors extend the functionality of their platform, includingConnections with suppliers, with customers, intranet systems, and CRMs.

A secure operational backbone and API lifecycle can be modeled, developed, secured, published, and then be monitored, analyzed, and scaled for high availability.

In a traditional omnichannel strategy use case, without Apigee, each channel has to be built with intricate knowledge of and coupling to backend systems, driving up the cost and timeline for expansion into new channels and making backend changes prohibitively complex. It’s difficult to guarantee consistency across all of these channel-to-service relationships in terms of using robust security policies, standards, and operational best practices for monitoring, alerting, reporting, and more.

Apigee solves these problems by managing API traffic across all channels, offering a standardized API interface to the consuming applications and partners, while decoupling those digital touchpoints from the backend systems. This drives speed to market by allowing rapid changes to both front-end and back-end systems. The right policies can be applied to all API traffic, such as rate limiting, quotas or the authentication and authorization of client systems and end-users. Rich visibility is established for monitoring and reporting on how APIs are being consumed.

Apigee serves as an abstraction layer, which also allows for the seamless migration and modernization of legacy applications. Apigee’s capabilities for intelligent routing, failover, and service interoperability allow previously monolithic retail, telco, logistic platforms to be gradually transformed into microservices and shifted to the cloud without impacting the customer or partner experience.

“As our clients go digital, they are looking for ways to accelerate and scale their businesses.

ALLWare is ready to offer digital solutions to help them in this journey. Apigee is an industry leader with a proven track record in offering a world-class API Management Platform,” said Claudio Cerda S.,Digital Business Manager at ALLWare.



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